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LOU ANDREA is a Parisian brand specializing in effortlessly cool outerwear that makes women feel empowered, beautiful and comfortable.
Launched in 2008 as a tailor-made brand, the edition evolves each season according to the lives of women. Our process is simple. we design coats and vests that we don’t want to be without. We want them to be the crown jewel of your wardrobe and we want you to pass them down one day.

Leather in itself is a sustainable material, and the leather we buy is specifically a by-product of the food industry – meaning we use the hides of the animal and the rest of the animal is also consumed… Not only do we manufacture on a scale commensurate with demand, but we use leftover off-cuts after production to create our small collection of leather goods – so we are a true ‘zero waste’ business.

We have aimed to be a responsible brand since day one, because it felt natural to us. designing the perfect collection while keeping zero inventory, zero waste, local production and micro-factories is our philosophy. it’s not always easy, but we think it’s the right way to produce. We want to tell you more.

Our artisans only cut items when we have received an order from a store, and it takes 1-3 days for each piece to be handcrafted for a customer. Our “No Stock” mantra. All our collections are made in our Parisian workshop. We have chosen our production sites to optimize product quality, reduce carbon emissions and offer the most superior craftsmanship.

Lou Andrea

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